Manifest Destiny

Session 1

Session 1: Amarion

Session 1 Notes:
3 kingdoms (Myretius, Utyra, Aquion): all superpowers
Something happened a few thousand years ago within, and trade was cut off 5 years ago from, the Eastern country of Myretius. Now, in the Fall, after the harvest, Agents from Myretius unleash the Seeds of Chaos which cause native animals to attack towns and cities within Aquion.

(Amarion the Fighter) Farmer and apprentice to town warden (Hector)
Special town festival to celebrate the end of the harvest
During the festival the town is besieged by animals
PC finds himself alone against encounter 1’s animals
PC is victorious, town guard assembles
PC chooses to help investigate the causes
Expedition into the woods is arranged, gives PC, Nunu
Cut to Black



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